Vipu – e-service for farmers

Vipu is an e-service for farmers. In the Vipu service, you can prepare an online application for support and view the details of your farm.


Vipu – e-service for farmers

Vipu is an online service for farmers, where you can:

  • Access online services and view your farm's support application information and maps.
  • Complete and submit a support application or authorise an advisor to complete the application on your behalf.
  • Check and change the boundaries of your field parcels, view basic and growth parcel data, as well as utilise map functions.
  • Browse through payment transactions and print payment notes.
  • Browse your farm's commitment information.
  • Edit the access rights to your farm.
  • Edit the account numbers, email addresses and phone numbers of the participants.

You can apply for the rights to access Vipu from the rural office of your municipality using form 457. The municipality’s Rural Livelihood Authority will advise you on how to apply for the user IDs, how to use the Vipu service and how to apply for support.

You can log in to Vipu with

  • your personal online banking IDs
  • a mobile certificate
  • an electronic ID card.

The Vipu service works best with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Always use the latest version of the browser to ensure data privacy and up-to-date features.


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