Plots and land tenure

Vacant plots

As an open-minded and attractive seaside city of sand beaches, Kalajoki offers a wide range of great services, a comfortable and stimulating living environment and opportunities for work, entrepreneurship and well-being.

Plots available in Kalajoki can be found in the city’s list of vacant plots (in Finnish), which includes:

  • more detailed plot-specific information on plot size
  • building rights
  • sale and rental prices

If you wish, you can submit a reservation application by filling in the electronic plot reservation form (in Finnish). The information is forwarded to the Land Tenure Unit, which will contact you about the availability of the plot you have applied for and other practical matters.

If you are not able to use the above service, please contact the Land Tenure Unit.

The Land Tenure Unit is in charge of all procurement, exchange and sale of land by the city.

The city seeks to procure real estate in areas of strategic significance in such a way that the land use planning activities can meet the city’s development needs and range of available plots.